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Defra Approved Multifuel Stoves

Multifuel stoves that are approved by Defra are a great option for those who live in smoke-controlled areas. They are extremely safe and can burn wood or authorised smokeless fuels.

The Defra logo is typically found on the appliance, or is written in the specification to show it is suitable for Smoke Control Areas. They also come with an energy efficiency rating that is high and have low emissions.

Clean Burn Technology

We offer a variety of wood-burning stoves that are approved by Defra. This means they are able to meet the strictest emission standards when used with wood or other approved fuels. This is due to the fact that these stoves are designed to use a range of different fuels and have been tested independently to ensure that they don't emit excessive smoke. You'll also find that a Defra approved stove comes with features like secondary and tertiary combustion which help to maximise the energy output of the combustion process and reduce harmful emissions.

Defra approved multifuel stoves will often have a SE logo or the word SE (which stands for smoke exempt) in their name. This means that the stove has been tested independently to confirm that it is legal to use in a Smoke Control Area with logs and other approved solid fuels. The testing process will include several tests to assess the stove's performance under various conditions and to verify that the stove produces at least 5 grams of particulates per kilogram when burning wood.

To comply with this standard, Defra-approved stoves feature an upgraded top air vent that prevents users from closing the top air vent completely. If you close the top air vent too tightly will limit the flow of oxygen to the fire, which causes it to smolder instead of burning. If you were to do this with the use of a non Defra approved stove, you could be in violation of the law and could be charged with infractions of nuisance smoking.

The best way to avoid the stench of smoke that comes from a wood burner is to purchase kiln dried or seasoned wood. The wood has been dried over a long time and reduces the moisture content below 20 percent. A simple wood moisture meter can be used to test the moisture content of your wood.

You can reduce the amount smoke that is produced from a stove that is Defra approved by using only dry, well-seasoned wood that have been kiln dried or spruce. Never burn damp, wet or unseasoned wood. This can create an increase in smoke and could result in you being fined by your local authority.

Smoke Control Area Approval

DEFRA approved stoves are made to meet strict air quality requirements that are laid out by the government. They can be powered by a variety of fuels including wood and 'authorised' smokeless materials in Smoke Control Areas.

The smoke from burning untreated wood or other wet fuels in a fireplace that is not DEFRA approved or exempt will cause a lot of irritation to your neighbors. It can also impact the local air quality if you reside in an urban area. You could be fined or prosecuted when you burn fuels that are not authorized in an area designated as a Smoke Control Area or use an appliance that was not designed to work with smokeless fuels.

Defra approved stoves are made with secondary and tertiary combustion methods which help burn fuel at lower temperatures which, in turn, produces less particulate matter (PM2.5). This is achieved by using stainless steel liners, and convection systems that force air down the chimney after the fire is put out. This allows the stoves to burn wood more efficiently and produce less carbon dioxide.

A Defra Approved Stove will also include an adjustment for the top air vent, which prevents you from closing it all the way. When you cut off the air supply to a stove it stops burning properly and begins to smoke and create excessive smoke. Defra approved appliances allow you to shut the vent, but not completely so that the fire can be burned at a lower heat and still conform to UK regulations.

When selecting a new stove that is Defra-approved, it is important to consider the style and design, and whether it is compatible with the decor of your home. There are many sizes and styles to choose from that range from traditional fireplaces to inglenooks to more contemporary designs that look great in open-plan living areas.

Most Defra approved stoves come with a 5kW flue outlet so they are legal in Smoke Control Areas, which include the majority of UK cities and towns. This can also reduce your installation costs, as the stove will require five" flue liner instead a more expensive 6" liner.


A multi-fuel stove does not have to be a utilitarian feature in your home; you can choose one that adds style and appeal. There are a variety of models available in different styles that can be a perfect match for your style, whether modern or traditional. They also have sleeker lines and better appearance than stoves with only wood burning making them a more attractive addition to any space.

Check that the stove you select fits your space and is compatible to your chimney or flue. Make sure that the stove is in compliance with local requirements for clearance from combustible substances. You can get a sense of these requirements by checking the manufacturer's guidelines, which should state how far you must keep flammable items like curtains, walls, and furniture away from the stove.

Another thing to consider when shopping for a new multi-fuel stove is the airwash feature, which keeps the glass free of dust so you can sit and enjoy the flame. Some multi-fuels stoves have a removable grate to help you clean and change the fuel.

Multi-fuel stoves that are approved by Defra are designed to minimize emissions and pollution, making them a responsible choice for homeowners who are environmentally conscious. They are also extremely efficient and permit you to use less fuel, which will lower the cost of heating.

Defra multifuel stoves come in a variety of styles that can be customized to suit your preferences. Inset stoves, like the Hamlet Solution 5 Compact or the Woodford Lovell C400, can be installed into an existing fireplace opening or a wall to create a seamless appearance. Additionally, hop over to here like the Opus Harmony and the ACR Solis have a slim, rounded shape that can stand on a hearth without taking up the floor space.

Many stoves are designed in a way that reflects the tradition of their maker. They may have cast iron construction, or intricate details. These models are perfect for homes with a rustic or traditional feel like country cottages. Certain models are contemporary, with simple lines and materials like glass and steel. They're ideal for urban and contemporary homes with a more minimalist look.

Energy Efficiency

You can be sure that a multifuel stove approved by DEFRA will be up to date with the latest standards for air pollution. Leading stove makers like Arada, Stovax and Parkray have invested in the latest combustion technologies that cut down on the amount of smoke generated when burning. Modern stoves that make use of the most modern clean air technologies including secondary and tertiary systems of combustion, are greener and lower the cost of fuel for households.

It doesn't matter if you reside in a region that is under Smoke Control or not there is a stove for your home. From the stunning Danish design on the Uniq 37, to the cozy and contemporary styling on the Arundel Deluxe. There are also models that offer more traditional design and are suitable for existing fireplace chambers and inglenooks.

The Defra approved multifuel stoves we have in our collection come with a choice of designs to match your decor, from matt black and gloss black enamel to majolica enamel and gloss buttermilk enamel. A majority of them are compliant with 2022 EU Ecodesign emission reduction standards as well, helping you improve the quality of your life and the environment while saving money on your energy costs.

DEFRA approve wood stoves are also available for those who reside in a Smoke Control Area which makes it simple to stay in compliance with the law. Always ensure that you use approved types of fuel (like'smokeless' anthracite coal) in your stove as it is illegal to burn damp wood or other wet fuels, and you could risk a fine.

If you live in an area that is a Smoke Control Area choose a DEFRA Approved Multifuel Stove with the ClearSkies mark to ensure you're complying with the laws. This means that the stove has been tested to make sure that it complies with all current UK and European emissions regulations including those for smokeless and wood fuels. On the product page of the stove you can verify its status by looking for a symbol that reads "DEFRA approved" or "Approved By DEFRA".

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