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Minecraft Earth Adds New Season Challenges

Minecraft Earth, Microsoft's blocky alternative to Pokemon Go, continues to develop despite it being in Early Access mode. The latest update includes three significant new features to increase the difficulty of players and make it easier for players to keep track of past feats.

Are you ready for a challenge? Today's HEFTY update has lots of new content to explore. The first Challenge Season is now! You've got a new Player Journal! ...and a new Mob variant!

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- Minecraft Earth (@minecraftearth) April 28, 2020 The most significant new feature, challenges and seasons, will give players plenty to do. Each season will bring new challenges and if you're not satisfied players can take advantage of daily challenges or use tappables in order to unlock new ones. Completing challenges can help players get items for creating characters and other rewards.

If you like tracking your accomplishments, the latest update now comes with collections and a player journal. The player's journal keeps track of everything you've accumulated, including blocks, items and mobs, letting completionists fill out their collections and cross them off the list.

Finally, the update adds 10 new mob variations for cows, chickens, pigs, sheep and rabbits. This adds to the vast collections and gives players more to do and places to search for. Microsoft has added more in-depth profile stats, remembers more settings across sessions, and gives players new adventures. The changelog is out and the most recent updates are scheduled to be released soon.

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