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7 Helpful Tricks To Making The Most Out Of Your Intergrated Fridgefreezer
Choosing an Integrated Fridgefreezer

They are ideal for homeowners who want a sleek, modern design. They can be incorporated into the kitchen cabinetry. They can be more expensive than freestanding models however because you'll need refrigerator housing cabinets and possibly a bridge cabinet.

The latest refrigerator freezers integrated have technology that reduces the hassle of daily life. For instance, they can minimize frost, or in the case Kiwi brand Fisher & Paykel eliminate it completely with the help of the self-defrosting feature.


In recent years, integrated fridge freezers have become much more standardised and it's now relatively easy to find comparable replacement appliances. They're generally designed to fit inside a housing cabinet which can vary in size, but is usually 60cm wide internally (depending on the thickness of the cabinet sides).

When choosing an integrated fridge freezer you should also take into consideration the capacity, based on litres. The most commonly used capacity is 150 litres, which holds up to 8 bags of food. For larger households, there are fridges with integrated freezers that hold up 350 tonnes.

Another important factor is the option of defrosting and many fridge freezers eliminating the task altogether by reducing frost, and some even providing fully automated self-defrosting models. This allows you to go about your daily job of storing food items without hassle.

Finally, there's the installation type that you can select from fixed and sliding hinge options. They refer to the way the cabinet's housing and appliance doors are joined. Check the fridge freezer you have to see what type of hinge it has and choose the same installation when buying a new one.


Integrated fridge freezers are a popular choice for homes that have an open-plan design. They blend into the cabinets and appear to be hidden. This allows homeowners to create a sleek, modern design. These appliances are available in a variety of sizes and styles. They are perfect for those with small spaces or who want to add minimalist style to their home. They come with many innovative features such as humidity controls adjustable glass shelves, and other features that allow you to organize items in different sizes and shapes.

Look for fridge freezers with integrated refrigerators with matching door panels and appliance fronts. This will ensure that the design of your kitchen is unified. Also, you should ensure that the fridge's and freezer's dimensions are in line with your space and work with your current cabinetry. If you are replacing a freestanding fridge, you may need to add a tall end panel or a bridging cabinet in case the fridge freezer's length is less than the kitchen cabinets either side.

Depending on your budget, you can opt for models with additional features like glass shelves that keep food fresher longer or compartments in the refrigerator's door to provide additional storage. There are models that limit defrosting or even eliminate it completely with frost-free technology. If you're looking to cut down on day-to-day hassle, consider a model with holiday mode or a power outage shutdown feature that allows freezer and refrigerator sections to operate independently of one the other for a period of 18 hours.

Certain models come with reversible doors, which could be useful to open your fridge and freezer on different sides of your kitchen. Some models have doors that alarm you know when the freezer or fridge are not locked, while other models have a door-open detector that will sound an alarm when you leave the freezer or fridge open for too long. There are also models with internal water and ice dispensers that supply chilled water and ice at the touch of an button. These models are more costly and require plumbing.

Energy rating

A fridge-freezer that has an A rating will help keep your energy costs at a minimum. In recent years manufacturers have made significant progress in reducing the amount of power their appliances consume by raising insulation standards and introducing new technologies, such as high-efficiency compressors. Many people are struggling to pay for appliances that are A-rated.

The energy rating system was overhauled. The confusing A+++ and A++ ratings are gone, and replaced by a more straightforward A-G rating.

To get an A rating on a refrigerator or freezer, it must use less energy than 90% of similar appliances. To achieve this, they must be able to cool faster so that food remains fresh and nutritious. For frozen food to be optimally prepared they must perform well when freezing.

To be eligible for an A-grade rating, integrated fridges and freezers must be able to meet other requirements. They must, for example have a high degree of insulation and a compressor that is efficient, and include features like temperature controls and frost-free settings. Additionally, the manufacturer must state whether or not their fridge has an ice box that is separate and how much storage space is (this includes any extra shelves, drawers or trays).

In 2021, a new energy label will be introduced in 2021 that will make it easier to evaluate products. It will provide the energy consumption in kilowatts per year as well as an overall score for the appliance based on its performance. The data will be displayed as the form of a bar chart, which is easy to read.

You should be able to find refrigerators and freezers that have an A-grade rating on the internet and in retail stores, however you'll need to be willing to pay more in advance. This is repaid over time, using the savings on your electric bills. Be sure to consider a climate rating before purchasing a freezer for a garage, basement or other place that may be subject to significant temperature fluctuations.


Integrated fridge freezers fit inside your kitchen cabinets, giving it a sleek look. These are popular among homeowners who wish to save space or prefer a minimalist style of decor. Unlike freestanding appliances, which can be tucked away in a corner or under the counter integrated fridge freezers are hidden behind cabinet doors and blend in with your decor. An integrated model can make your kitchen a larger and more spacious look.

There are many things to consider when purchasing an integrated refrigerator freezer. It is essential to make sure that the hinges on the cabinet doors and split types are compatible. If your appliance is a 50:50 split then buy another one with the same split type or else you won't be able to open the doors of your replacement fridge freezer.

It is essential to avoid overfilling your integrated refrigerator freezer, as otherwise you may have trouble closing the doors. The hinges are capable of handling a certain amount. If you load excessively large boxes in the fridge or freezer, the door may sag and even fail.

Many integrated fridge freezers offer various features that can make life easier. There are many features that can simplify your life. They include a bright to help you locate food items in the freezer or fridge, an automatic defrost to cut down on time, and a fast freeze or fast chill function to bring food to the right temperature fast.

A fridge freezer with integrated refrigeration is a kitchen essential that plays a crucial role in keeping food fresh and well-organized. The latest models are constructed with innovative features that ease the stress of daily life. They are able to integrate technologies to provide deceptively huge storage space and clever accessories such as wine racks.

NE Appliances has a wide variety of integrated refrigerator freezers in a variety of sizes and styles that are suitable for any style of home. We have a range of finishes and colors and can even install your integrated refrigerator freezer at a reasonable cost. If you're shopping online you can avail of our flexible financing options, including Klarna to spread the cost of your purchase.

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