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Minecraft Ender Dragon, Ender Dragon Egg And More

So you want to know about the Minecraft Ender Dragon? If there's a purpose to the popular open-world crafting video game, it is to march into The End, defeat the Ender Dragon (also known as Jean). The only real boss in Minecraft is not a joke and can be difficult to defeat so be sure to stock up on plenty of Minecraft potions, put on that diamond armour, and remain cool.

The Ender Dragon appears when a player enters The End - that nightmarish realm that is only accessible through a portal found in strongholds. It doesn't matter which level of difficulty you're on it's likely that the Ender Dragon will come for you. She shoots dragon's breath and lashes at players by flying down from the sky. She is able to retreat if she is hit, but she is also able to destroy any block she comes into contact with.

The End is not a place where players can escape until they defeat the Ender Dragon. Players should have everything they need including armour, powerful potions and food to replenish your health. We suggest that you get some beds, since they can be used like TNT charges.

Minecraft Ender Dragon

There are a variety of strategies to employ in order to take on an Ender Dragon however there are some fundamentals to keep in mind. Firstly, you want to destroy as many Ender Crystals as you can because they can heal the dragon when you attempt to defeat it. They're fairly easy to destroy however they explode upon impact, so we suggest using bows and arrows. If you're timing it right, the explosion can cause harm to the dragon.

Someone who's practised with bows may be able to deal a lot of damage to the Ender Dragon with some carefully aimed shots, however, often as part of her attack strategy the dragon flies above the exit portal. You need to be near her sword to stop her from using bows when she is doing this. We recommend standing under her head to prevent being hit by the dragon's breath.

We also suggest that you keep moving and, if possible take a few friends along. You'd be surprised how much easier it is when you have a squad with you. The Ender Dragon isn't the only danger in The End. Endermen are also in the area, so be sure to be on the lookout for them.

Ender Dragon Egg

When you defeat the Ender Dragon There are a few things will occur. In the first place the exit portal will be activated and allows you to return to the Overworld. Secondly, the dragon itself explodes into a massive shower of approximately 12,000 experience points. The Dragon Egg is the third and most important.

The Ender Dragon egg does not accomplish anything. It's a trophy at this stage. It's also a bit difficult to collect, because when you click it the egg teleports away. There are a variety of ways to break it including pistons, beds and torch. But once you have it in inventory then that's it. An Ender Dragon egg is not able to be fertilized.

According to current accepted Minecraft trivia there was, at one point, a plan to add in other dragons into Minecraft and the developers have previously mentioned that the eggs might be used to accomplish this however, until 2021, this feature is currently available in the game.

Ender Dragon Spawning

If you feel that fighting the Ender Dragon once wasn't enough for you, you can re-summon her and go through the ordeal a second time, and another. All you need to do is create End Crystals, and then place one on each side of the exit portal border. Sagor's blog This resets the obsidian pillars with the End Crystals on top, and Jean will return to the sky once more.

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That's all you need to know about Minecraft's Ender Dragon. If you're looking for more to do once you've completed Minecraft, why not take a look at some Minecraft mods? These cool Minecraft servers might be a great alternative.

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