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Where To Find Minecraft Saved Game Files On Mac & Windows

You or a loved one might be interested in finding Minecraft game save files on a Mac, or Windows PC.

Saved game files are useful if you need to manually back them up and store them in a service cloud for sharing with others. Because of the time that Minecraft users spend, it is crucial to have saved game data. So, let's dig into where these files are located on Mac and PC.

Minecraft Save Game Location on Mac OS

You can save your MacOS and Mac OS X games at the following location.

~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

You can paste that file path in the Finder's Go To Folder command (Command+Shift+G) or in Spotlight (command+spacebar) to jump to that destination quickly.

This can also be accessed from Finder by pulling down the Go menu, holding down Option, and selecting "Library", then navigating to 'Application Support' and to 'Minecraft'.

Minecraft Save Game File location on Windows PC

The following location will show you the location of Minecraft saved games files on a Windows PC:


Replace USERNAME with the user account.

You can also manually navigate to the directory by opening Windows Explorer.

Whether on Mac or PC you can add or remove saved game files into these directories, and they'll be available when you open Minecraft into single player mode.

Happy minecrafting!

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