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Missing Minecraft Java Edition After Mojang Account Was Merged

This was my primary email address. *** My email address is deleted for privacy ***.

Later, I tried to use the same Mojang account to play Java Edition. That didn't work, so I bought Java edition using a different email address, *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.

That email address had a Microsoft account associated with it, but this was before MS acquired Mojang, so the accounts were separate.

Later, I bought Minecraft Win 10 edition using the Microsoft account associated with *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.

At that point, I had:

Mojang account w/Bedrock edition: *** Email address is removed for privacy *** (user name "swordsmanluke")

Mojang account with Java Edition: *** Email Address is removed for privacy purposes *** (username="swordsmanluke2")

Microsoft account with Win10 edition: *** Email address removed for privacy *** (username "swordsmanluke")

SO... Dec 1, MS merges Mojang account with Microsoft accounts.
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Now, I can not find Java edition anywhere.

My *** Email address has been removed from my privacy *** MS Account so I don't see the user name "swordsmanluke2". I'm logged in as "swordsmanluke" and I only see Win 10 edition.
minecraft servers

I've also checked that the MS account has *** Email address removed for privacy ***. No dice.

How do I get Java edition back? I don't want to purchase it again, given that I've already purchased this game 3 times.

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