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Step 1: Adding funds to a linked bank account

Venmo allows you to add money using either a bank account, or a debit card that is linked to your Venmo accounts.
Venmo can also be top-up from a bank account, or debit card in the following ways:

You can add a bank account, or a debit card to Venmo as a payment method:
To add money, a bank account or debit card must be linked to the Venmo app reviewas a payment method. This method allows Venmo funds to be added and cashed out. You can skip this step if you already have them. These steps will help you add a bank account to Venmo.
Tap on the "" icon in the upper right corner of your screen to open the app's new version. Or, go to Single Person Tab (the icon).
Next, click the "Settings (gear icon).
The next step was to go to the section "Payment Methods".
Tap "Add a credit or bank card " to add one.
If you wish to link your bank account to your online banking details, click "Bank" or "Card", if you desire to add a debit/credit card.
You can either manually enter the information or take a photo of the card using the mobile camera.
If you're adding a bank account, choose the method that suits your needs best. You can verify accounts with Instant Verification through plaid using your online banking credentials. It takes 1-3 business days.
You can read our blog to learn how to add a bank account on Venmo.

Please Click "Add Money"

Click "Add Money" to initiate the transfer. It is not reversible.

2nd Method: Add money to a linked credit card

Follow the steps 1-7 under Method 1. Instead of entering your debit card information in Step 1, add your credit card information as usual.
Select the linked credit card that you would like to use for payment

3: Requesting and receiving payments from friends

Venmo allows you to request money from your friends. Venmo allows you to add money instantly to your account by having a friend Venmo do it for you, if you have an urgent need. This is a great way to add money to your Venmo account without having to have one.
Tap the hamburger icon (3 lines) on the Venmo home page.
Tap on the "Search People" button to search for people
Enter the name of a friend to request money.
Click on "Feed" and "Between You."
Next, tap "Pay or request."
Enter the amount that you would like to receive to get money
Select "Request" or "Pay"

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