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Anger at Microsoft's $2.5bn Deal for Minecraft Maker Mojang

Anger at Microsoft's $2.5bn deal for Minecraft maker Mojang

Fans of the game Minecraft have expressed their anger following the announcement that the game's creator Mojang and Microsoft reached to a $2.5bn (PS1.5bn) deal.

Following the announcement, the book was criticized on social media for selling over 54 million copies.

Microsoft, Mojang and Minecraft were all in the news on Monday afternoon.

If you've never had the chance to try it, players build structures using retro Lego-style blocks. They explore an extensive map, and fight with other players.

"Microsoft is going to take our lives" said AstrosMC in a post on a Minecraft forum.

Thomas Heath wrote on Newsbeat's Facebook page: "Microsoft are just going to screw everything over. If that happens, I'm out."

Mojang's founder, Markus "Notch" Persson has previously criticized Microsoft.

However, not every reaction to the sale has been negative.

Tom Bramwell, the outgoing editor-in-chief of tweeted: "Clearly I am not @notch but I can understand his comments about not wanting to be defined by a single thing for the rest of your life. Godspeed!"

Blackspawn wrote: "I believe he's great and I fully understand and agree with his decision."

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