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A Rewind A Trip Back In Time: What People Talked About Double Stroller With Infant Car Seat 20 Years Ago
Selecting a Double Stroller With Infant Car Seat

A double stroller that includes an infant car seat is a necessity for twins or two children with similar ages. When you're planning to buy a stroller, take into consideration your budget as well as the length of time you plan to use it.

Kate loved that the stroller was lightweight and easy to maneuver. She also appreciated the fact that it folds easily, although she did find the buckles magnetic difficult to fasten.


When choosing a double stroller and infant car seat the size is a major aspect to consider. Parents should be able to maneuver the stroller easily in the midst of crowded sidewalks and narrow subway gates, which means it should be fairly compact and slim. In addition, the stroller should be compact and easy to fold enough to fit in the trunk of a car or a smaller vehicle to store.

Think about a double stroller that has two seats and is able to accommodate a car seat for an infant when you plan to have twins or children that are similar in age. These models will be more expensive than other double strollers however they offer a longer life span and can be used until toddlerhood or even beyond. Our top pick is the UPPAbaby V2 Double, comes with a variety of seating options. It can accommodate two toddler seats or infant seats that can be converted into bassinets.

We also prefer strollers that are compatible with a range of infant car seat brands. This gives parents a greater variety to choose from. For example the UPPAbaby Vista is compatible with the UPPAbaby Mesa, as well as a variety of other infant car seats that have adapters. It also is compatible with the Baby Jogger Glider Board for a third, standing passenger.

Some parents purchase a single to double stroller that can be adjusted to accommodate a second child. We suggest that you purchase the items you require right now. A second child could arrive later than you expect, or your first kid may not take to walking. Additionally, the type of seating that you can find on a double stroller with infant car seats can make or break sibling relations, especially for children who are close in age.


Double strollers tend to be heavier than single strollers. They have two seats as well as more cargo, which means the weight of the final push is greater. This weight is important to consider when deciding on your ideal model, especially in case you intend to use it for long walks or running. The best models will handle the extra weight with a minimum of flexing and shifting.

It's also worth weighing the price of a double stroller against its durability. The higher-end strollers are built better and come with more seating configuration options, so they will last longer than their less expensive counterparts. The double-joovy bundle is a good example. It accepts adapters to fit two infant car seats and can accommodate a secondary rider via a bassinet that connects. This arrangement is suitable for twins, children of different ages or siblings that have an age gap.

For those on a tight budget, they might consider the Baby Trend Double Snap N-Go an attractive option, as it can accommodate two car seats for infants and can be converted into a tandem (single-file) stroller. It's lightweight and compact which makes it easy to maneuver despite the added weight.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Double is another budget-friendly alternative. It's similar to higher-priced award winners and offers a variety of seating configurations for kids with different ages and stage. The side-by-side design of the seat allows for twins or kids with varying ages. Additionally, it can be customized with accessories like dual canopy twin bassinets, or modified seats that act as toddler seats. The stroller is also easy to fold and has a compact footprint, making it easier to fit into the trunk. The stroller is not designed to be used until children can sit up without assistance, so babies younger than that need to either be carried or put in a car seat.


Transferring your infant's car seat from the car to the stroller can make family trips simpler and less stressful. You can simply click the seat into place and move the stroller without having to fold it with a baby and a toddler. This is a great option for long-distance trips, as you don't want to have to unbuckle and then rebuckle your child every few minutes.

Many parents who have twins choose an option that can accommodate two infants in a car seat simultaneously. The Graco Fast Action Flip offers this functionality, and also comes with the option of a bench seat that could be used by older siblings. However, it's not compatible with all brands of infant car seats and it's a little heavy for certain families.

Some parents prefer a double-stroller with an adapter for carseats that is built-in which is compatible with all major infant car safety seats. The Evenflo Pivot Xpand Combo is an excellent option, and it comes in at a very friendly price for what you get. all terrain double buggy 's not the most ideal double-stroller for twin infants since it works with one. However, it's a good choice for many families.

Other double strollers have a more complex process for attaching and disconnecting the car seat. The UPPAbaby Vist Double for instance, requires you to push down, and then hear a loud click to ensure it's properly secured. It's a little more difficult to use in parking spaces, especially in the case of hungry or exhausted children. As it grows with your family, we don’t consider it the best option for parents with twins. You'll need to buy an additional toddler chair once your children are old enough.


A double stroller with infant car seats must be sturdy and built to last. It should also fit your budget and lifestyle, whether you plan to use the stroller for a few or several years. When you are making a purchase be sure to consider the fabric of the stroller and its components, including its tires.

A stroller that has a large and deep basket can hold plenty of diapers, groceries, and other things. A large parent console with cup holders can be beneficial, as is a sun canopy which provides adequate coverage. Make sure that the stroller is able to handle off-road terrain as well as narrow city sidewalks.

Parents with twins may want a stroller that is side by side to ensure equal access and visibility to both children. Other parents with children of different ages might choose a tandem stroller which allows the rear child's seat to be lowered or raised. Tandem strollers weigh more than single strollers, and can cause siblings to fight, especially if they have seats that are different heights.

A stroller that has an adjustable handlebar allows you to adjust the height to suit your needs. Also the one-hand folding mechanism can be useful. A compact footprint is a further feature to take into consideration. It should be able to fit into your trunk and require minimal storage space.

A stroller that is modular like the CYBEX Gazelle S provides unparalleled flexibility and allows you to mix and match seating options and cot attachments for multiples, twins, or one rider of different age groups. Its sturdy construction and seating configuration versatility suggest that this model is well worth the cost should you intend to keep it for a long period of time.


A good stroller is safe for the child in the seat and for the person pushing it. Certified child passenger safety technician Alli Cavasino suggests choosing strollers that have ergonomic handlebars, simple brakes and a seat harness that is adjustable. She also recommends avoiding accessories that increase the weight of a stroller for children such as ride-on boards or additional child seats.

A double stroller needs to be sturdy enough to handle different surfaces, from suburban sidewalks and paths to paved roads. It should be strong enough to withstand curbs and bumps easily, but also flexible to navigate a steep slope or up and down stairways. Additionally it should be easy to fold and fit into a trunk without any compromise in dimensions or mobility.

Parents with twins or other siblings close in age will be looking at a stroller that accommodates two infant car seats. This will allow them to have the ability to move sleepy children from the car to the stroller without disturbing them up. Many of our top-scoring strollers are compatible with two infant car seats, including the Evenflo Pivot Xpand Double or the UPPAbaby vista v2 Double.

The double bundle from Joovy is another alternative. It comes with two infant car seats and an additional rumble chair which can be turned into a second one once your children are no longer in the car seat. It features stadium seating with plenty of leg room and can be configured so that your kids face each other or the entire world. It's not able for two bassinets or an infant car seat and riding board at the same time, but it's a great value for families with multiple young children.

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