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Minecraft Helped To Guide Shootout Movie Free Fire's Set

Minecraft helped to guide shootout movie Free Fire's set By Steven McKenzie BBC Scotland Highlands and Islands reporter

28 February 2017

Ben Wheatley, a film-maker, has revealed how he used Minecraft as a tool to build the set of his new action movie Free Fire.

Brie Larson stars with Sharlto copley, Cillian Murphy and Michael Smiley. The film is dominated in part by a complicated shootout at an abandoned factory.

Wheatley explained that he first designed the factory's layout using Minecraft during a Q&A in Inverness.

This helped to guide physical scale models and the final set.

Wheatley, director at High-Rise and Sightseers visited Inverness on Monday to take part in a tour of UK cinemas before the film goes out on general release.

The Highland city was where he was as a boy in 1970s.

Free Fire also stars Armie H. Hammer, while Martin Scorsese, who is a fan Wheatley's 2011 movie Kill List is an executive producer.

During the Eden Court Q&A session, he stated that he was working to adapt Frank Miller's Hard Boiled graphic novel.

Miller's Sin City stories have been previously made into films.

Wheatley stated that the adaptation was still in the writing stage and could take up to four years before it is ready for production as a movie.

Film director recalls 70s' trips north

14 February 2017

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